"with the brain at 100% degradation at death, we somehow believe that our conscienceness lifts off the brain, then you see grandma and you're talking to her in perfect English." "Anyone who makes a 100% prediction that doesn't come to pass should be banned from science forever."
Why science is not a religion. Science predicts based on observation and testing. There is a very high standard for the evidence on which these predictions are made. Science is the best self-correcting method we have to justify our claims. Can science prove itself to be the best way to find reality? No, but it is *reliable* over time to justify calling things *scientific facts* like gravity, for example. What predictions has Christianity made? ed "Reason is the Gobal Religion". I mean, we trust in reason above all in scientific thinking, don't we? critical thinking, in "rationalist" free thinker

Theory: Words reflect opposite of true actions. "so that we can generate something solid and on time" -> not going to be solid -> not going to be on time.

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